Does Gregory Equine just make Canvas covers?

No, we make a lot of different products in the factory. From Canvas Hay bags, PVC Gear bags, Saddle Pads, Boots, Bungees and Lead ropes. We also have a Saddler on site who makes amazing leather Halters, Bridles and Race gear.

Are Gregory Covers New Zealand Made?

Yes, All of our Gregory Equine Covers and products are made here in New Zealand in our boutique factory.

How do I know what size cover to get?

New Zealand sizing varies from Australian/UK sizing. Gregory Equine rugs are measured in NZ sizing. 

Depending on a few different variables most horses fit the following:

  • 10HH - 3'3''
  • 11HH - 3'6''
  • 12-12.2HH - 3'9''
  • 13-13.2HH - 4'0''
  • 13.2-14.2HH - 4'3''
  • 14.2HH - 4'6''
  • 14.2-15.3HH - 4'9''
  • 16HH - 5'0''
  • 16.2HH - 5'3''
  • 17HH - 5'6''
How do I know what weight Canvas and Lining I need in my cover?

Depending on the time of year you wish to use the cover and if the horse is used to being covered, This guide below should help provide some ideas. These are the most common covers sold in the season.


  • 18oz Poly Lined
  • 18oz Wool Lined
  • 24oz Poly Lined
  • 24oz Wool Lined


  • 18oz Poly Lined
  • 15oz Poly Lined
  • 18oz Cotton Duck Lined
  • 18oz Jute Lined


  • 15oz Cotton Duck Lined
  • 15oz Jute Lined
  • 15oz Poly Lined


  • 12oz Sheet
  • 15oz Sheet
  • 8oz Sheet
  • 10oz Sheet
  • 12oz Cotton Duck Lined
Why is my brand-new Canvas Cover leaking?

Before using your Regentex Cover for the first time, the Regentex will need to be preconditioned or 'weathered' for the material to develop its own natural water repellency by allowing the fibers to swell and relax back and thus tighten the weave. This wetting/drying process will not only allow the Regentex to condition and gain its full water-resistant properties but will also help close up any stitching holes. 

As your coverages, it will become more water-resistant. Adding a lining underneath the canvas will also help keep the water out.

Do I need to reproof my Canvas Cover?

We would normally expect Regentex Fabrics to remain waterproof for at least 2 winters. Regentex can be reproofed using a solution supplied by Gregory Equine before the third winter and every winter after that.

How do I clean my Canvas Cover?

To clean Regentex allow the Cover and dirt to dry and then brush with a soft brush. Regentex can be rinsed down using water from a bucket or hose. NEVER use any solvents or soap product and do NOT use pressure washers as either of these may wash the proofing product out of the Regentex.

Does Gregory Equine Wash and Waterproof Covers?

Unfortunately, we don't but we do sell the recommended waterproofing so you can do it yourself.

Do you repair Covers?

We have a knowledgeable team that can repair most covers - Canvas and Synthetic.

Do you have a Retail shop?

Yes, Gregory Equine has a large retail shop filled with wonderful brands and great products. Popular brands like Zilco, Dublin, Weatherbeeta, Betavet, Platinum, Cavallino, Blue Tag, Ariat, and many more fill the shop.