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The Gregory Cover pattern has set precedence over how a Canvas cover should fit over the last few decades. We believe we have it just right!

Our Cover has a unique front, unlike any other cover of its kind. Our 2-piece gusset provides your horse with an unrestricted fit around the shoulders and neckline. It also helps prevent those unsightly shoulder rubs. The 5-hole leather front shape contributes to the ultimate fit as well. With 5 holes of adjustment, your Gregory cover can fit snug around the horse’s neck while it is still maturing and growing. As your horse grows and fills out you can adjust the strap as you need to, to make your horse comfortable and the cover is fitting correctly.

The backline is contoured to the horse to ensure the correct fit is achieved. It sits close to the horses’ backline to provide a snug fit. There is nothing worse than receiving a brand new canvas cover and placing it on your horse only to realize it sticks out like a tent!

The rump darts in the back end of the cover contribute to the overall fit of the cover. Our covers have three darts in the rump to help keep the cover in place and sit straight. The darts are strategically placed to prevent cover slippage and contribute to the ultimate fit.


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